Quartus Forth
An On-Board Development Environment for the Palm OS®

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Since 1997, Quartus Forth is the original on-board ISO/ANSI Standard Forth compiler for Palm OS handheld computers. Quartus Forth is fast, and builds genuine native executables that need no 'run-time' libraries.

"Quartus Forth expands the arsenal of development tools providing a complete on-device development environment for Forth programmers.
With Quartus Forth, developers have the opportunity to develop full-blown applications whenever and wherever they are."

— Larry Berkin,
Director of Developer Marketing, PalmSource

Forth is a perfect fit for the handheld screen, and Quartus Forth makes programming the Palm OS simple.
Click here for a side-by-side comparison of the same program written in both Quartus Forth, and in C.

With Quartus Forth, you can:

  • Write source code in the Memo Pad (or optionally in Doc-format files), and compile your code instantly into fast, genuine native-code Palm applications (PRCs) right on-board your Palm OS handheld device. Your apps are transferred to the desktop the next time you do a HotSync.
  • Distribute (or sell— there are no restrictions) the apps you create with no run-time libraries needed, and no royalty fees.
  • With the companion product Quartus RsrcEdit, produce apps with standard Palm GUI objects (menus, controls, lists, scroll bars, etc.)
  • Interactively test and debug your apps using the Quartus Forth console.
  • Use nearly 900 Palm OS system routines and over 6200 constants by name in your source code.
  • See descriptive error text for Palm OS errors.
  • Work in the language of your choice – compiler messages are available in a number different languages including German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, and Malay.
  • Take advantage of Forth's full exception-handling and structured programming constructs to write clean, maintainable apps.
  • Work with floating-point (two kinds: built-in, and IEEE double-precision with Mathlib), graphics, sound, and more!

Quartus Forth is compatible with any Palm OS handheld running Palm OS 3.0 or higher, including Palm OS 5.x (Garnet). It also runs fine in the Palm OS Emulator and Simulator on the desktop.

Have a look at a few example apps, written using Quartus Forth:

   SCX Calculator Benchmark PassPhrase Oracle

Try Quartus Forth 2.0.1 for free!

E-mail sales@quartus.net for information on group purchases or corporate site-licensing.

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