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Download/view this file streakhk.zipStreakHack is the original fix for screen streaks on the Palm IIIx! It's small, fast, and works with grayscale apps.
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2213 bytes2003.5.12
Download/view this file swatchhk.zipInterested in Swatch Internet time? SwatchHack will change the system time in all apps on your Palm to Swatch Time.
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8586 bytes2003.5.12
Download/view this file lefthk30.zipSouthpaws unite! LeftHack moves most scrollbars over to the left-hand side of the screen.
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2100 bytes2003.5.12
Download/view this file lighthk.zipLightHack inverts your Palm backlight, and allows you to control whether you want it inverted or not with a simple pen stroke.
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1952 bytes2003.5.12
Download/view this file shfthk11.zipShiftHack disables auto-shifting and gives you control over the shift-state on your Palm. If you want uppercase, choose it, and it'll stay that way until you switch it back, even between applications.
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1574 bytes2003.5.12
Download/view this file clrhk21.zipClearHack removes the annoying dotted underlines from the MemoPad, DateBook, To Do List, and others.
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1476 bytes2003.5.12
Download/view this file privhk10.zipPrivateHack suppresses the message that pops up each time you mark a message private.
1329 bytes2001.8.25
Download/view this file scrtagnt.zip

(Mac version: scrtagnt.sit)

Who's looking over your shoulder? SecretAgent hides your password from prying eyes.
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1892 bytes2000.1.31
Download/view this file tickhack.zip

(Mac version: tickhack.sit)

TickHack makes each Graffiti character entered 'tick' audibly. Handy when not looking at the screen. Version 2.0 is now available, written entirely on-board a Palm Vx using Quartus Forth while flying back from PalmSource '99! Full source is included.
3862 bytes1999.10.24
Download/view this file systraps.zipThis is the list of Palm systraps with stack diagrams edited into a series of memos -- very handy for quick lookup of parameter types, order etc. The list is organized by OS version and each memo has a header line prefixed with an "&" and stating the OS version and range of OS Manager prefixes included. Each memo is inclusive so, for instance, if it says "(1.0) Dm" it will have all the Data Manager functions introduced with version 1.0. This is an .mpa file, for import using the Palm Desktop application. Contributed by Paul Randall. 7826 bytes1997.8.20

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